Introduction to an EcoSocialist

23 Feb
Clive Live an EcoSocialist in 2013
Out of the Blue the BIG RED GREENING – the reproduction and transformation of a worker  in the twenty fist century.
A brief biographical insight…

I have always seen myself as a bit of an anarchist in one form or another. 

I was raised in a Marxist household by my Dad who is a communist/Marxist sociologist and a step-mother who was a middle class Liberal and shareholder with family heritage.
My dad jokingly viewed me as a ‘capitalist’ due to the variety of jobs I have had in the retail and distribution industry and in one respect he was right. 
Throughout my life I have shifted my political position from being a libertarian conservative when bringing up my own family to a libertarian socialist later on in my life, *1 to being what is described today as an EcoSocialist *2 and grassroots political activist.
During my time in the Royal Navy 1981 to 1986 I was a member of Greenpeace and Amnesty International. 
My initial membership was paid for by my step-mother who believed it would give me something to do when I was away at sea and I needed to write to someone other than my immediate family. 
Background information in relation to my research project.
For almost twenty years I have been gathering information and data for my dad’s work in relation to an ontology of social reality from a workers point of view.
This endless effort has formed part of his work that we hope to publish in December this year. 
Capital Labour and Land.
As Marx and Engle’s wrote about Capital, it is my dads hope that his work will help build on our understanding of Labour and will demonstrate the use of his conceptual model SARM he developed for his students in the 80’s when he introduced an Access programme to his place of work, Filton College where he lectured sociology to probation offers and social worker who where preparing to practice in the field.
Having established that the SARM model was a good reflection of social reality as I could use it in practice as an analytical tool when conducting my research or as a conceptual model as part of my thought process.
My next task in relation to my research project was to produce my own working model to conceptualise organisational life and reflect the social reality I had been studying from 1998 to 2006.
My dad thought this would be a good exercise for the next stage of my learning process.
As it happens this task was harder to complete than I initially thought it would be. For over a year I twiddled tweaked and doodled many different models but none seemed to reflect the reality I was dealing with.
However, I did have a Yreka moment during the Christmas break of 2006. Instantly I phoned my dad who was on holiday at Bexhill-on-sea. We discussed my idea for over an hour and I left it at that.
Three days later after my dad had deliberated with it, comparing it with his vast understanding of sociological, anthropological and psychological theories he agreed that the four elements I had chosen work, but in a different sequence to the first order I had suggested.
PBOG the sociology of organisational life was born.
It is my intention to work within the Class struggle and be part of the movement that brings about revolutionary change in people’s attitude towards climate change. *4 *5
*1 – The difference between a Conservative and Socialist Libertarian 
*2 – What is an EcoSocialist?
*3 – Mao Tse Tung On Practice
*4 Why we need an EcoSocialist Revolution
*5 The reproduction of daily  life

Another world is possible

22 Feb
Introspection – Think Local Act Personal … Outrospection – Empathy in Relationships…
We need to shift away from being just a collective group of individuals when trouble hits our local communities We must shift away from the individual who’s only thought is for their own immediate satisfaction and selfish Well-being, towards that of organised groups of diverse individuals and collectively through our own consciousness be determined to change the system into something that will not only benefit our immediate family and subsequent generations but will enable all humankind to live and work in harmony together for future generations of all nations not just those in technologically advance societies. We should work towards stuff that would and will benefit all world wide. First we need to stop all corporate and border wars… I don’t know how but this seems a priority as it is now costing more than money.
The only way I can see to do this is through international socialism and the abolishment of property rights and internationalise the worlds top 500 corporations or alternatively we need to build a wall around the UK, arm the population and prepare for the unintended consequences through our lack of action against climate change, world poverty, food and water security that will produce drought and famine globally or foresight in the knowledge that the western  capitalist system has collapsed…
Action Science
Activity Theory… Interactive Map on Global Warming – why we need to raise the publics awareness about climate change… Before more stories like these start to emerge… And distort the publics understanding of the new and difficult science of climate change in relation to capital and the accumulation of wealth by a few…
Obama’s green government may turn out to be like Cameron’s greenest government ever… 
Cameron still insist it is…
OUT of the BLACK THE BIG RED/GREENING HAS BEGUN – the fightback against neoliberalism is in full swing and a quite revolution is beginning to emerge on the internet via blogs, live streams, cloud sourcing, twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites….  including pearltree and slide share…
Before we can change anything we need to have an overview of whats going on locally, nationally and internationally –
To enable us to do this we need to have some form of structure to work from –
Including looking at other peoples perspective of everyday life 
and how we learn in practice by engaging in activities 
I use conceptual models to hold the masses of data I collect together in a controlled format – 
Here is a working example on how I am collecting together a varied amount of information together to try and see what NeoLiberalism looks like in relation to sustainable development – 
It is important to know what’s going on to change it…  
This is part of a working hypothesis and research project ‘a never ending story until we achieve revolution as such’  Structure – 
From sustainable development to developing sustainably in the age of austerity through Financialisation of the global economy…
PBOG the sociology of organisational life – developing a new conceptual model – the process of controlling everyday life activities and protecting work interests.
sustainable development – Agenda 21
UN Development
EU Sustainability
Sustainable Development a better quality of life for all in the UK
Sustainable Development – list used for conceptual model and Labour Policy Forum…
Health and Well-being 
including NHS,
… Austerity is not working towards a better quality of life for all in the UK, in fact it seems it is just doing the opposite….
Welfare, National Care Service,
Social Workers and Probation Officers
Child Poverty
Education – Sure Start –
Academies - Universities Vocational and Academic qualifications
Tory ideology in relation to education…
– including Works and Pensions –
State/Monopoly Capitalist –
Corporatism —
 Partnerships and the mutation of privatisation 
Privatisation of the Post office mail service
and Built Environment including
the UKs housing review 
Should the next generation get on the property ladder?
Roads and protests
Going underground –
…grassroots activism Infrastructure – Network Rail
Environment including Fresh Water, Coastline,
Food Production and supply chain,
Food Security
Wetlands, Forests and Woodland.                  Great forests and Woodlands Britain
Flood Defence 
National Security including Border ‘Enforcement’ Agency,
Armed Forces, Police,
MP brings it up in parliament
Ambulance and Coastal rescue services (Coast Guard and Air Sea Rescue) 
Energy Security and Fuel Poverty
including Carbon Emissions and Clean Energy
CO2 and the Corporate lobbyists of the Petro-Chemical industry
Sustainable Communities including combating AntiSocial Behaviour
Funding and Taxation 
European Membership
International Aid
and Immigration/Migration
World Trade and Free Market Economics
World Bank
International Monetary Fund
World Health Organisation 
Hubs, Clusters, Incubators and Networks
Birds of a feather 
Unlearning Economics
Conceptual model for sustainable development
Link to Labour Party policy forums/documents and involvement at grassroots level including the Tobin Tax – now Robin Hood
Urban Environment sustainable cities and distribution networks in the EU – 
Link to NGOs,,contentMDK:20507529~menuPK:1278313~pagePK:148956~piPK:216618~theSitePK:410306~isCURL:Y,00.html 
Charities and not for profit organisations
Link to Sustainable Communities Act and the level of support by charities 
Corporate Social Responsibility–Governance/?t=r
The New Labour Years
Nano technology, space programme and science centre
Conceptual model for sustainable development and labour parties policies
The Battle of Britain – report back to local Labour Party 
General Election – Labour Party leaflet
Liberal Democratic Ideology – 
Natural Capitalism
Corporate Social Responsibility
austerity has damaged the economy says Bank of England…
v Sustainable Development (Rio+ 20
and grassroots activism)
Occupy Movement – 
Greenpeace – Anonymous
How Nazis turn youth into extremists
Right wing politics
and the mutation of privatisation – the rise of Golden Dawn in Europe
and the EDL 2010
 in England –
more on Golden Dawn…
Conceptual model for contemporary business life
The rise of eco-fascism
and the UN sustainable development programme Agenda 21
Sustainable Communities Act 2007
Getting up-to-date with the Greens of Bristol – using the Sustainable Communities Act
Sustainable production and consumption
The rise of the arm chair Internet activists
Idle No More and the First Nation’s grassroots activism group 
that started in Canada
Andrew Gavin Marshall’s insight
Food Poverty
Twitter, Facebook, slide share and Linked In used as an Internet based training tool – 
education for the mobile generation of EcoSocialists and awareness of revolution 
From Chavs to haves and haves mores… Deer Hunting with Jesus
After the collapse of the middle class.
 in America Obama wants to rebuild the barrier class – his focus this year is creating ‘green jobs’ – State of the Union speech 
Greenpeace The battle for Britain’s future February 2013 – Green jobs for Britain
Green Jobs 2 – in America 
America and the more urgent Climate Cliff…
The story of stuff etc
Food & Water watch
Green Alliance and Demos
Occupy Wall Street
Labour – local 
Labour Party
Green Party
Green Liberal Democrats
Green Tories
Green right wing EU
What ever happened to the Green Tories
Horse in food 
Food Banks
But he is able to point to the rise of foodbanks in rich countries as evidence that governments may have neglected their “responsibility not to leave the poorest behind”.
Food Watch Europe and Scandinavia
Food Watch America
Anonymous on BBC February 2013
The Financialisation of the global economy.  
Financialisation and business
and the privatisation of public services…
and the rise in the number of millionaires in the age of austerity 
And corporate profits have grown under Obama
War is not the answer… But the technology that comes out of wars is amazing…
Attack on the poor…
Secrete prisons of the CIA
Dexter Whitfield’s In Place of Austerity… The Mutation of privatisation – Personalisation – –
Privatisation –
… Allows us to produce a new conceptual model in relation to the circuits of consumption – in turn producing the sociology of contemporary business life
War on drugs… Could change direction
The roots of the neoliberal revolution
Tax and corporations – American Style 
We learn more at night
Why Marxism is on the rise again
Crises of Capitalism
Marx’s theory of economic crises 
Brief history of anonymous
Use of PBOG to resist neoliberalism, the cuts to welfare, education, employment rights etc, the National Health Service and the privatisation of public services… 
PBOG The sociology of Organisational Life… legal or other Guidelines > Enforce, encourage, nudge – Follow < patterns of Behaviour — Conform — controlled by 
Corrective Actions or Sanctions
Legislative Management — Example How Control can be resisted against using the legal process – possibly why the Conservatives attack employment law, ACAS, tribunals, health and safety legislation, human and equal rights law and the numerous regulations that control businesses overly exploiting its workers… and why New Labour didn’t increase or reestablish trades unions rights in the workplace…
PBOG the sociology of organisational life – (G) legal or other Guidelines > Enforce, Encourage (Nudge) patterns of Behaviour … The problem with Nudge – Green alliance 
PBOG The sociology of organisational life – patterns of Behaviour > Cooperate — Competition < rational Organisation — Aspect – Teamwork – controlled by Roles and Responsibilities — People Management  
Building strength in unity, organising the fractions under a common cause… Resistance against capitalism 
Government Publications
‘Silence of the lambs’ on climate in 2012 ::: 2013 must see this dramatically increase or it will cost us more in the future
How comment trolls can influence…opinion